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Nitrogen Tire Inflation For Life

Every new Volkswagen sold at Northampton Volkswagen comes with Nitrogen inflated tires and refills for life!* Want to inflate your current vehicle's tires with Nitrogen? Not a problem, schedule an appointment today.

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Nitrogen inflated tires maintain proper tire pressure longer

Tires naturally leak out air over time, especially when experiencing large temperature swings due to the walls of the tires being slightly porous. When tires get hot, the air inside expands, and the added pressure can push small quantities of air out. This natural loss of air means you may find yourself putting air in your tires more frequently than you'd like. Nitrogen has larger molecules than both hydrogen and oxygen, making it more difficult for the nitrogen to leak out. Tires filled with nitrogen will maintain proper air pressure for longer periods of time, even withstanding swings in temperature.

Nitrogen Tire Inflation For Life Add OnOnly $99.95

Can be added to any pre‑owned vehicle when you purchase or to your existing vehicle during a service appointment.

There are many benefits to filling your tires with nitrogen - proper tire pressure offers the following:

Checking the tire pressure
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Longer tire life
  • Increased safety
  • Improved TMPS performance
  • Longer rim life
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FAQ about nitrogen-filled tires

Since nitrogen-filled tires are less prone to leaking, they will maintain better tire pressure. Over time by maintaining proper pressure, you will be less likely to experience treadwear due to under-inflated tires.

Yes, if you have properly inflated tires, you will get better gas mileage. Nitrogen inflated tires will stay inflated longer when compared to oxygen or hydrogen inflated tires. Under-inflated tires can lower your gas mileage by roughly 0.2% for every 1 PSI drop in the average pressure of all tires.

Yes, if you need to add air to maintain proper tire pressure, you can add normal air. You can also schedule a service appointment for routine tire maintenance and have more nitrogen air added to your tires at Northampton Volkswagen.

When you fill your tires with nitrogen, it helps with proper inflation in your tires and reduces issues that will be picked up by your vehicle's TPMS.

Yes, you will need to check and make sure that your tire pressure stays at a healthy level, but you will likely find that when your tires are filled with nitrogen your tire pressure remains more consistent.

No! Nitrogen is a noncombustible, non-flammable, and non-corrosive gas. Since it is so safe, that is why nitrogen is used to fill tires of vehicles that perform under extreme conditions like racecars or heavy machinery.

*Free Nitrogen tire inflations for as long as you own your vehicle and original tires. If you purchase and install new tires from our service center, Nitrogen Tire Inflation For Life will transfer to your new set of tires.

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