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Expansive Inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles For Sale In Northampton, MA


Is a new vehicle too expensive for you but a used vehicle feels too unreliable? Consider shopping for a certified pre-owned model. Our expansive inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles range in a year, model, trim and color.


Don't spend too much on a new model vehicle when you can experience similar performance, safety and technology features for a fraction of the price! Grant yourself the peace of mind of owning a certified pre-owned vehicle. Don't know what the difference is between a pre-owned/used model and a certified pre-owned one? Read more below!


What's the Difference between a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle and a Pre-Owned Vehicle?


The main difference between a vehicle that is considered to be a certified pre-owned vehicle versus one that is just used or pre-owned is the peace of mind. When you buy a certified used vehicle, you are buying something that is guaranteed to be running well. Our dealership does this by conducting a multi-point inspection of the vehicle before we put it up for sale. If the vehicle cannot pass inspection then it is no considered a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Does this mean that all used vehicles have something wrong with them? Absolutely not. It is never the intention of our dealership, or any dealership, to intentionally sell a faulty vehicle. That is why some certified pre-owned vehicles come with a warranty. A warranty adds extra security and peace of mind to an already inspected vehicle.


Whether you are shopping for a certified vehicle or are more interested in a new Volkswagen, used Volkswagen or other used models, you can test drive your choice before you buy. Test driving the vehicle of your choice allows you to see if you enjoy being behind the wheel of it. Stop by our dealership and test drive a new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle from our dealership and apply for financing to get the best deal for your purchase!

We're sorry, availability of some equipment, options or features may be limited due to global supply issues affecting the auto industry. Please be sure to verify that the vehicle you purchase includes all expected features and equipment.